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Producing F1 savanna/boer

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Raising savanna/boer F1s

We are a family farm in southern Indiana, just 20 minutes NW of Louisville, KY.

Shady Lane Farm is located 15 miles northwest of Louisville, KY in the hills of southern Indiana. We began raising black-faced sheep over 20 years ago as 4-H projects for our children. As time passed and our children grew to adults, we continued to raise sheep as a hobby. Then we began to raise fulblooded boer goats.As time passed we decided to look for avenues to strengthen our boers. So started the savanna/boer program with Luton Meat Goat comapany.

Our niche is selling our stock to children for 4-H projects and to family farms. We spend quality time with our goats to prepare them to be field hearty with great maternals for our buyers.